About Us

Image by Leigh Bowden

We would like to firstly welcome you to our Blog/Site. Anyone that knows us personally will surely know that the Burgess clan is a very big name in a little town called Stockport and some believe we are taking over the world… haha well we may just be doing that. But this blog is mainly going to be about the small clan of D Burgess. We may well have some guest appearances of other Burgess’s in the future.  Why start blogging? Basically I (Blessing) love the Social media world and the idea of keeping a record of our lives online with family and friends across the world I think it’s a great way of keeping in touch with everyone. But I wanted something that I had full control of and freedom to write about anything I wanted. Whether a simple trip to the park or a DIY crafty idea that I love and want to share with you all, so this blog will be anything from a space where we express our lives, Jesus, Family, Friends, Work, DIY, cooking and much more we hope you will enjoy using our blog and we will be happy to receive feedback or comments on our site.


Danny: Husband, Father, and hard working provider of our family.


Blessing:Wife, Mother, lover of all things arty and DIY, a bit crazy but in a good way I hope. Always thinking of new ideas.


Malachi: Eldest son, into all things Spider man and turtles at the moment, loves break dancing 🙂

Noah: Son, Like his name all thing Noah's Ark we can't number all the toys we have in the house. Loves reading, and the little cheeky monkey of the family.

Noah: Son, like his name all thing Noah’s Ark, we can’t number all the toys we have in the house. Loves reading, and the little cheeky monkey of the family.


Rose: Daughter, mummy’s girl, she loves her bunny (Toy rabbit) at the moment, knows her mind and what she wants haha.

A brief background of our family and why I wanted to blog, hope you enjoy using our site as much we do. xxx

About Blessing

My name is Blessing I am a wife and mummy to three beautiful kids. I believe in Jesus. I love all things DIY and love spending time with my family and friends. if you want to know more feel free to contact me on any of the social network. I hope you like my site. xxx